What is PHP

PHP is a dynamic programming language that is processed on the server to build the final content that is sent to the requesting user.

  • PHP is often used to store and retrieve data from MySQL database.
  • PHP can be used to build custom logic for website content.
  • PHP is used by the majority of dynamic content websites.
  • PHP is open source.

Why We Love PHP

Through the usage of PHP, the sky is the limit. PHP is the great connector that ties HTML, MySQL, and jQuery/AJAX all together.

  • PHP is an evolving language, which means the mastering and learning is ongoing.
  • The coding of PHP is both scientific and artistic - effective usage is our art form.
  • By storing and retrieving data using PHP, we can build dynamic web applications.

How we use PHP to your advantage

If there is a custom logical workflow that you are looking to achieve on your website, we can likely do it using PHP.

  • We can create custom user logins using PHP.
  • With PHP, we can create custom sales workflows, pushing data to custom fulfillment processors.
  • PHP enables us to build custom mailing lists to keep in contact with your users.