What is jQuery

Javascript is a programming language and allows for client side (browser) based interactivity. jQuery is a popular programming language that enabled quick deployment of Javascript for targeted interactivty.

  • jQuery is the most widely used Javascript library.
  • jQuery allows the quick use of AJAX requests for dynamically loaded content.
  • jQuery functions allow for easy animation of HTML elements.
  • jQuery has build in functions for data manipulation to change HTML elements upon certain user interaction.

Why We Love jQuery

Javascript and jQuery allows regular HTML pages to be brought to life.

  • Standard HTML pages can be easily populated with AJAX, meaning faster and fewer page loads.
  • Animated elements on an HTML page can focus the users attention towards desired flow.
  • Presenting the user with dialogs, callouts, prompts, or other interactive functionality funnels the user into a more desired path.

How we use jQuery to your advantage

Your site requires unique user interactivity - through the mastering of jQuery and Javascript, we can architect the interactivity of the user interaction of your site for your specific needs.

  • Custom AJAX requests of data
  • Custom animations of HTML elements
  • Custom prompts, dialog boxes, messages