What is Apache HTTP Server

Apache is the core web server software that runs on hosting servers that allows a server to send the correct files to the web browser.

  • Apache is web server software that receives requests from web browsers and replies with files/HTML.
  • Over 50% of all websites on the internet are driven by Apache.
  • Custom config files allow for unique processing of HTTP requests.
  • If Apache were to stop running, your website would no longer be accessible.

Why We Love Apache HTTP Server

Apache is the widest used web server software in existence.

  • It's proven to be reliable.
  • It's highly configurable.

How we use Apache HTTP Server to your advantage

By mastering Apache, we are able to adjust configuration files to run your website exactly how you want it to.

  • Custom/wildcard subdomains
  • Custom file extensions to mask server side processing
  • Custom rewrite rules
  • 301 Redirects for maintaining previous SEO