What is CSS3

CSS is a language that comprises of style declarations that are contained within one or many CSS text files. Browsers interpret CSS to determine how to format the display of a webpage.

  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
  • CSS version 3 introduces new gradient, animation, and other enhancements.
  • CSS can be used to create mobile friendly websites.
  • CSS is used to tell the web browser how to make the website responsive.
  • Without CSS, the internet would all look like Word documents.

Why We Love CSS3

CSS allows anything we dream to be translated into a web design.

  • CSS caches, meaning it makes the load time of web pages fast after it's first load.
  • The browser typically renders CSS faster than any other element.
  • CSS allows custom styling for different size screens, as well as custom print formatting.
  • CSS3 enables gradients and animations of HTML elements.

How we use CSS3 to your advantage

Our goal is to create your website with as many elements styled by CSS instead of images. Using this method, your website will load faster every time.

  • We know the CSS functions that are not as cross-browser compatible than the others and try to design with as much backward compatibility as possible.
  • We create the mobile version of your website through the creative use of CSS.