What is MySql

MySQL is database software that runs behind the scenes on web servers. Websites are able to store and retrieve data to MySQL to affect the web site's content.

  • Tried, tested and true - MySQL is reliable.
  • MySQL uses standard database storage formatting.
  • A MySQL database contains tables, which are made up of columns and rows - much like a spreadsheet.

Why We Love MySql

MySQL enables us to breath life into your website. By storing and recalling data, your website is no longer static.

  • MySQL enables us to present dynamic content onto pages.
  • We can store user data in MySQL, creating a way for users to "login" to your site.
  • MySQL can store product sales, mailing lists, or any other data type you can think of.

How we use MySql to your advantage

If your website requires storing or recalling of any information that might get updated or added to in the future, chances are we are going to utilize MySQL.

  • Our MySQL admins custom create databases for your specific data needs.
  • Custom build MySQL databases ensures your data is stored and retrieved as effectively as possible.