What is Linux

Linux is a core operating system for servers. Much like Windows or OS X is for desktop/laptop usage, Linux is used for server software.

  • Linux is open source and most distributions are free, resulting in lower costs to you.
  • Linux comes in many different versions (Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, Debian, etc.)
  • Linux is highly customizable, and only necessary software for your needs are installed.
  • Many server installations of Linux have no Graphical User Interface and are configured via terminal/SSH commands.

Why We Love Linux

Because Linux is so highly customizable, servers can be setup to be focused for each specific need.

  • Only core server software is installed, ensuring system resources are dedicated for specific web related needs.
  • Linux is reliable and used by the majority of web servers.
  • We know our Linux machines as much as we know our desktop machines...we interact with Linux daily.

How we use Linux to your advantage

Because we know Linux inside and out, you don't need to.

  • Web server software is configured for your specific needs.
  • We examine access and error logs to determine where any issues are at (if there are any!)
  • Our hosting server is watched 24/7 to ensure the highest amount of uptime for your site.