What is HTML5

HTML5 is the core language to tell the browser what content blocks exist on each of your web pages.

  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  • HTML version 5 allows for new tags that embed multimedia elements, geotracking, and more.
  • HTML is saved as regular text files.
  • Without HTML, the internet would all look like Word documents.

Why We Love HTML5

Without HTML, we would be without a job and a passion.

  • HTML is constantly evolving, meaning new techniques can always be attained.
  • HTML is our artform - we strive for valid code that is considered artwork.
  • HTML as the building blocks of every single web page. If you see it done on another website, that means that it is possible.

How we use HTML5 to your advantage

We dream in HTML. It is in our blood. We have mastered HTML so that you don't need to.

  • The creative use of HTML means the vision of a web design can become reality.
  • We use HTML to display your content creatively.
  • Staying on top of latest HTML trends ensures we are taking advantage of the most up to date technology.